Phone: 028-73035777


Data Center Building located at 344 Huynh Tan Phat Street, Ward. Binh Thuan, 7 District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Technical characteristics of the data center:

  • Power System:
    • Generator system:
      • Generator installation configuration: N+1.
      • Controlled by PLC system.
      • Diesel gasoline storage tank to provide fuel for 48 hours.
      • Signed service contracts with vendors 24/7 fuel supplement.
    • UPS System:
      • UPS configured correctly installed: N+1.
      • Battery power time: 30 minutes.
      • 2-way PDU connection to the Rack.
  • Air conditioning system
    • Conditioning installation configuration: N+1.
    • Temperature: 22°±1°C.
    • Humidity: 50%±5%.
  • Early Smoke Detection System (VESDA) and Fire protection systems (FM200)
    • VESDA System
      • Heat detection system..
      • The system is installed and maintained according to standards NFPA 72E automatic alerts.
      • Smoke detectors are located in the area early data room, control room and the technical department.
      • Fire alarm systems are located under the floor.
    • FM200 System:
      • System activation time: 30-60 seconds.
      • Sensors are located in the area of fire prevention Server, load room, buffer room, UPS room, network room and under the floor.
  • Lightning Protection System (TVSS)
    • Lightning protection system according to IEEE standards. 1100-1999.
    • Lightning protection system is installed next to EMBD, UPSDB, UDB, ACDB, and AL Panel.

  • The system water leak detection
    • Water leak detection cable is installed along the water pipe, surrounding local and regional Air can leak water.
    • Control system analysis and positioning water leak through the LCD.

  • Security and camera systems
    • Access control systems with fingerprint layer 02. The staff of the customer and staff registered fingerprint DataCenter access before.
      • Online security protection and door control systems 24/7.
      • 24/24 surveillance cameras, can monitor all activities that occur in remote DataCenter.
      • Movement detection systems and recording all actions occur in the DataCenter motion.
    • The cabin key server system.
    • Camera systems (CCTV) allows monitoring remotely special areas of the data center.
  • Customer Support 
    • 24/24 Support via IP phones. Additionally, each client is offered a minimum of 01 IP phones account for technical communications.
    • Self-control source, reboot, shut down the server via SMS and via the Web.
    • Customers own space for repairs and maintenance of your server.



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