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  1. Services for businesses, organizations and individuals have to rent space servers located in the data center.
    Support traffic server monitoring tools.
    Discretion configuration, upgrade servers.
    Work at DataCenter, Technical Support: 24/7/365.
    Warning fault server / server through the use of automated Email

    Hot Sale:

    Reduced price from 500,000 VND - 2,000,000 VND to chartering location servers from the server when you buy
    server from SSN Company Limited - Company Partners Superdata

    We are committed to refund anytime within the first 30 days if the service is not good!

  1. RACK RENT -   Hotline support:   0908 086 512   |  

    Rack space 42U (Full Rack)
    Maximum number of Server 20 Servers
    UPS Server Room Standards
    Generator backup Server Room Standards
    Air conditioning Server Room Standards
    Network Cards Port 1Gbps/Rack
    International Internet Port Max 10Mbps/Rack
    Technical Support 24/7/365
    IP Address 42 Private IP
    Bandwidth 20.000 GB/month
    Reboot server via Web & SMS Free
    Server traffic monitor Tool Free
    Report server error warning & usage via email Free
    Data Center input/output Allow 24/24
    Maximum Power for each Server 400W
    Setup fee
    1.800.000 d/onetime
Price does not include VAT


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