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1. We (Super Data) are not responsible for and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information from anyone sent to the server and does not bear any legal liability or compensation of any loss or damage to data stored on the server.
2. The user is responsible for implementing and maintaining the data stored on the server.
3. Users are solely responsible and secure with the use of our Website or Server for lawful purposes. Especially in the following cases:
3.1. Do not take any server or storage service on purpose / form of any violation of the law of Vietnam and International, especially on the issue of software copyright, the song, operating system ... At the same time have to control and prevent others from doing so on server / storage service.
3.2. Users may not post, link or intermediary for:
a. Any type of data will bring any unlawful, threatening, lying, hatred, lies, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, offensive, stolen information ... or the other form is prohibited in any way way.
b. Any type of data that constitutes or encourages other forms of crime, or the nature of data violate patents, trademarks, design rights, copyright or any rights or intellectual property rights term of any individual.
3.3. Users may not send bulk email forms carry destructive purposes or from our web server and is not recommended that a site is placed on the use of bulk email server.
3.4. Users do not use programs capable of blocking or deadlock the system, such as depleting system resources, overloads the processor and memory.
4. Users keep a safe way of identifying information, passwords or other confidential information relating to your account and immediately notify us when you detected the form of unauthorized access by financial your account or loopholes in security, including loss, theft or disclosure of information about passwords and other confidential information.
5. Users comply with the procedures that we offer and will not be used for purposes server may affect other customers of our.
6. Any access to other networks linked to the network we must abide by the laws of the respective network.
7. While we can use the measures and efforts to ensure the integrity and safety data to the server, we are not sure where compromised server from unauthorized users or hackers can as hardware problems and also because the manufacturer is not responsible for the case of data loss.
8. If you violate the payment of costs, violating the above rules, we may suspend services and / or immediate termination without notice.
9. We will not refund any amount of money to stop the service by reason of violation from the user in the above categories, except we do not continue to provide services.
10. All the dispute relate to international domain name, we will treat pursuant  to ICANN rule. Refer to the agreement for gTLDs domain name here.
11. We will not refund any amount of money if services were provided.


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