Phone: 028-73035777


Step 1: Receiving complaints

- Receiving complaints at the branches of P.A through channels: telephone/customer care service 028-73035777, document, email, support channel,… If customers directly complain at the branches, the department in charge of it will send the complaints form.

Step 2: Analyzing complaints

- For direct or telephone complaints with sufficient information which can be solved immediately: Customer care department immediately responds to customers upon request;

- For complaints that are incomplete or cannot be solved immediately, the complaints department will take action: to inform to customers and ask for more information to discuss and work (information of the contact person, email, phone, or customer’s documents, if any)

  • - Check the log and related information, coordinate the relevant departments to understand the cause and follow up. Then we will work with customer to get more complaint information and finally work with other departments to solve this problem.

  • - If the complaint is not related to the department which receive the complaints, the complaint shall be forwarded to the relevant department to settle the complaint. At the same time, we will respond to customers within 24 hours. If there are arising errors, they will coordinate with customer to tracking and handle.

Step 3. Determine the cause of the problem and resolve the complaint

- The department which handles the complaints will coordinate with other relevant departments to determine the cause of the complaint;

- Propose the issue to higher level management to suggest the solutions and handle it.

Step 4. Answer/resolve customer complaints

- Reply directly, via email, or support channel.

- Reply in documents to the complainant about the results of complaint settlement. In case, the complaint is resolved as soon as customers complaint and reaches an agreement of the two parties, the department in charge does not need to give them a complaint form. But the minutes of the settlement must be made and saved in the file for records.

- Send the relevant departments to troubleshoot arising complaints (if the cause is the fault of the service of provider).

Step 5. Finish the complaint

- Save information; Summarize and learn from experience.

Time limit for complaint settlement: Not more than 20 working days after receiving the complaint.


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